introducing: bolon netherlands

The trio in charge of the Netherlands is a close knit one, filled with laughter and inspiration. They have been instrumental in helping architects create some of the most mind blowing interior projects in the Netherlands. We asked them to answer the question: What do you believe is the future of design?

Mireille Burger, Area Sales Manager

“With our digital lifestyle, I believe visual expression and tactility will be increasingly important in designing spaces in the future. Our collections offer a large variety in structures and shapes and can be easily used to create subtle light reflections or expressive designs. Our material surprises me every time.” 

Willem Vereggen, Customer Service & Sales Support Manager

“I believe sustainability, health and wellness of buildings and the products used for interiors in them will be top of mind for designers more than ever before. Bolon’s design flooring contributes to this with the use of recycled and hypoallergenic materials, a CO2 neutral production and easy cleanability, while offering a cozy and domestic atmosphere.” 

Harm Bron, Area Sales Manager 

“Instead of just making another nice- or good-looking product, design will become more meaningful. What resources do we use, how do we produce, what to do with the product after it’s life span and will the end product still be affordable? These are the questions designers and companies are facing and answering right now. I’m proud to work for Bolon, who is at the forefront in these innovative times.”

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