inside sff: neri&hu named guest of honor 2019

The internationally acclaimed architecture duo, Neri&Hu, are placing social issues unique to China in their Guest of Honour exhibition at the Stockholm Design and Furniture Fair 2019, where Bolon's flooring will be featured.

Founded in 2004 by partners Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, Neri&Hu is an architectural design agency headquartered in Shanghai, China. Known for their award-winning architecture and interiors, among them Bolon's Elements concept, Neri&Hu has been described as the most dynamic design-force in China today. 

In the role of Guest of Honour at 2019's Stockholm Light and Furniture Fair, Neri&Hu departs from what are the conventional aspirations of furniture fairs – often heavily focused on displaying product design – to link the objects and products on display to pressing social issues unique to China.

Recently started looking into the issue of disappearing Chinese villages and village culture, an alarming trend that greatly impacts the traditional notion of community, family and cultural roots – Neri&Hu wants to create an exhibition that represents the essence of the traditional Chinese village

By way of installing Bolon's Jean Nouvel design No 3 in a combination with furniture, lighting and accessories, Neri&Hu have designed a space that resembles alleyways and street life of clan-based villages, which unfolds to create lanes of spaces slowly revealing themselves to visitors.

Visit the anthropological design exhibition at the Guest of Honor area in the entrance hall at the Stockholm Light and Furniture Fair February 5th-9th.

Explore Bolon's new collection, Diversity, that will premiere during Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. 



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