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The dotted lines shows the direction of the weft yarn. The weft, is the thinner yarn, which is drawn through the warp, the thicker yarn. Depending on the direction of the weft, a different effect can be seen.

Wing is a flooring tile that allows architects and designers to combine several of our collections and elevate them to a new level. The design facilitates new dimensions for small interior design environments. The strong architectural form interacts elegantly with interior design elements and building details. The results are striking – the new format reenergises each collection with never-seen characteristics – especially in combination with one another.  


Made of woven vinyl with roll backing

Delivered in:

Boxes of 4,15 m2 / each colour

Pieces per box:

Total of 38 pieces: 17 pieces with long weft, 21 pieces with short weft


Bolon Original


Bolon Studio™


Designed to allow creative combinations of our different collections, Wing’s strong architectural form harmonises beautifully with other interior details.


The Bolon Tile Design Tool

Use Wing in our Bolon Tile Design Tool to free your own creative mind and create your own unique flooring pattern.

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Wing is a fantastic tile that both highlights our collections and gives architects and designers a new palate of creative interior design possibilities. It’s possible to create a whole new spectrum of expressions that truly take advantage of Bolon’s light reflective characteristics Marie Eklund
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