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The dotted lines shows the direction of the weft yarn. The weft, is the thinner yarn, which is drawn through the warp, the thicker yarn. Depending on the direction of the weft, a different effect can be seen.

Wave is part of Bolon Studio™ and is inspired by the curvature of terra cotta rooftop tiles. Its graphic profile and organic curvature make it a fluid, versatile flooring tile that can be combined in a wide variety of colours and patterns for a playful yet elegant expression.


Made of woven vinyl with roll backing

Delivered in

Boxes of 4,91 m2 / each colour

Pieces per box

Total of 20 pieces: 10 pieces with long weft, 10 pieces with short weft


Bolon Original


Bolon Studio™


With its innovative form, Wave can be laid in different directions and repeated at half distance. Its graphic yet organic shape means the design versatility of this tile is almost unlimited.  

Bolon_Flooring_StudioTiles_Wave3 (1).jpg
bolon_flooring_studiotiles_wave4 (1).jpg

The Bolon Tile Design Tool

Use Wave in our Bolon Tile Design Tool to free your own creative mind and create your own unique flooring pattern.

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Wave contains movement, as well as a sense of calm. The design is highly adaptable, allowing users to create different shapes by combining two or three tiles together, or else allowing the direction of the pattern to change between two rows Klara Persson, Designer
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