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The dotted lines shows the direction of the weft yarn. The weft, is the thinner yarn, which is drawn through the warp, the thicker yarn. Depending on the direction of the weft, a different effect can be seen.

Triangle comes in three different sizes and is a strict geometric, yet playful flooring shape that offers architects and designers endless possibilities. Sophisticated surfaces are easily created when simply turning Triangles cut in the same collection whereas colourful surfaces with geometrical patterns of rhombuses and triangles can be seen when mixing collections.  


Made of woven vinyl with roll backing


500, 650, 754 mm

Delivered in:

500: 2 Boxes of 4,76 m2 per colour
650: 1 Box of 4,58 m2 per colour
754: 1 Box of 5,17 m2 per colour

Pieces per box:

500: Total of 44 pieces
650: Total of 25 pieces
754: Total of 21 pieces


Bolon Original


Bolon Studio™


Strictly geometric yet still flexible enough to allow for playful creativity, Triangle represents endless design possibilities and delivers head-turning results.

VetenskapensHus4_SE4 (1).jpg

Projects We Love: Glimstedt

Designed by Gothenburg-based practice Wingårdhs, senior architect Helena Toresson and colleague Anna Mitrolios used Bolon Studio™ Triangles and mixed ‘Artisan’ in Slate and Ivory, with ‘Botanic’ in Cilia and Picea to create a beautiful pattern across 700 square meters of the office floor.

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Projects We Love: Svensk Filmindustri

For the new Stockholm headquarters of Swedish film production and distribution company Svensk Filmindustri (SF), Bitte Granlund of Geco Architects opted for a balanced, refreshing flooring palette featuring triangular Bolon tiles in red, blue, orange and grey tones.

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The Bolon Tile Design Tool

Use Triangle in our Bolon Tile Design Tool to free your own creative mind and create your own unique flooring pattern.

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