Bolon launches new flooring collection Elements in China

Set to launch in 2018, Bolon’s new flooring collection brings the harmony of the natural world to interior spaces. Discreet and versatile, the Elements range acts as a bridge between objects and their surroundings, demonstrating the positive effect that good design can have on our senses and wellbeing.


The Elements collection reflects the tonality and textures of the natural environment. Its two warp threads have a grey and beige base, inspired by the warm and dusty melanges found in nature. These are woven into weft threads, whose shades evoke elements such as linen, oak, ash, cork, birch, marble, walnut, flint, wool and silk. The flooring has an artisanal appearance and a tactility reminiscent of linen.

“Elements is based around nature and is an example of quite classic design in the Scandinavian or East Asian sense. It doesn’t shout, but it still has presence. It’s all about the feeling of harmony that it gives you and its allusion to our design heritage,” says Marie Eklund, CEO of Bolon. Annica Eklund, Bolon’s CCO, adds: “We want to help create spaces that give you a warm, welcoming feeling, but which still speak of good contemporary design. And that’s what the Elements collection and Bolon are really all about: the people who experience them.” 


Elements is based around a new type of yarn that Bolon’s R&D team has developed and the backing is made from up to 33% of recycled materials. The new profiled H-thread has a soft, welcoming aesthetic, but also ensures greater resilience to daily wear and tear, allowing Elements to withstand the high levels of footfall that are common in large spaces. “Its calm, natural aesthetic means it can be used to great effect across large areas, creating a sense of unity in spaces of all sizes. Elements provides a canvas for people to thrive,” says Petra Lundblad from Bolon’s design team.


NERI & HU Bolon commissioned the celebrated Shanghai-based interdisciplinary design practice Neri & Hu to create an installation that communicates a contemporary, nature-inspired aesthetic and bridges Scandinavian and East Asian design traditions, based on the concept behind the Elements collection. Neri & Hu’s research-led approach to design chimes with Bolon’s own philosophy. The installation will be showcased between March 15th-25th at the Festival of Design 2018 presented by Design Republic Shanghai and furthermore, between March 14th-17th at Design Shanghai at Shanghai Exhibition Center, stand E2-90).

The Bolon Stand during Shanghai Design

Neri & Hu said of the collaboration: “A tremendous amount of passion is woven into the Bolon fabric, with each thread carefully chosen. It was an inspiring collaboration that we will hopefully extend to future projects.”

Elements launches in China during Design Shanghai (March 14th-17th) at Shanghai Exhibition Center stand E2-90 as well as at Design Republic (March 15th-25th).

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