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Bolon announces innovative 2017 line-up

Bolon is excited to be unveiling new initiatives for 2017 under the theme ‘Innovators at Heart’. Through new ambitions in interior design and collaborations with internationally-renowned architects and designers, Bolon is renewing its commitment to innovation and experimentation. Bolon has crafted a playful, collaborative approach to flooring and rugs, placing special emphasis on the creative process behind its production.

“At Bolon, we have always followed our own path and applied a fearless, inquisitive approach to developing our brand and products,” says Annica Eklund, who with her sister Marie Eklund is a third-generation owner of Bolon. “The products and collaborations we’re planning to unveil in 2017 are an expression of this curiosity. There have been twists and turns, but it has been in those unplanned detours that our spirit of experimentation and innovation has been released.”

During Stockholm Design Week 2017, Bolon will open an exhibition curated by Form Us With Love. And it is here that Bolon will unveil the results of its many different experiments during the creative and technical process. Starting with a presentation of the latest collaboration: a flooring collection designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. Bolon will then continue by debuting two examples of rugs that pair two different materials, including vinyl, wool, cotton and metallic yarn.

The exhibition will also present collaborations between Bolon and world-renowned brands such as Cappellini, Kettal and Moroso.




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