Bolon and Missoni - Stunning Updates for 2015

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The collaboration between world-renowned Swedish design company Bolon and iconic Italian fashion house Missoni continues – and for the first time, it includes an interpretation of Missoni’s classic Zigzag pattern. Already acclaimed for breaking the traditional boundaries of their industry, Bolon established a creative partnership with Missoni in 2012. Since then, the relationship has continuously produced stunning results and the 2015 collection update is no exception. The latest collection introduces two new patterns – Zigzag and Flame Patch – as well as updates of Optical and Flame. Warm, passionate colours are very much to the fore, and in its updated form Bolon by Missoni exudes joy and confidence.

Chief Creative Officer Marie Eklund explains – “Bolon and Missoni have become great friends so when it comes to creativity and experimentation, there’s no holding us back. This attitude, together with innovative new weaving technology, has led to some fantastic results. Textile feelings are stronger, structure is deeper and more distinct and colours are richer – the 2015 collection really is a feast for the eyes!”

All designs are available in rolls, except Flame Patch, which is available exclusively and for the first time as 50 x 50 tiles. Together with classic Bolon values including outstanding levels of durability, high standards of environmental certification and practical cleaning and maintenance, Bolon by Missoni 2015 is ideally suited for interior projects with ambitions to stand out from the crowd.

The new 2015 Bolon by Missoni collection will be premiered at Maison & Objet Paris in January and will be available to order from April 2015.



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