Two New Projects We Love in the Netherlands

Rabobank in Groningen  The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hague and the bank office for Rabobank in Groningen have one essential thing in common, apart from money. They have both made the decision to install Bolon flooring in highly creative ways – a functional choice for high-traffic areas.

Rabobank Groningen

Rabobank Groningen, a bank office in the central of Groningen, has installed Bolon in a new and inspiring way. The full Botanic collection and two of the pattered Create; Creo and Genero, have been used in different kinds of combinations in a interior design by Skets architectuurstudio in Amsterdam.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs

Hollandse Nieuwe and Op ten Noort Blijdenstein have collarorated in the design of the new office of Ministry of Economic Affairs in Hague. Bolon is pleased to be a part of the interior. Tiles of Botanic Cilia and sheets of Create Efficio are used as a tactile and human surface in an office where important decisions are made.


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