Svensk Filmindustri

Stockholm, Schweden


Svensk Filmindustri


Stockholm, Schweden


1500 m2


Geco Architects

For the new Stockholm headquarters of Swedish film production and distribution company Svensk Filmindustri (SF), Bitte Granlund of Geco Architects opted for a balanced, refreshing flooring palette featuring triangular Bolon tiles in red, blue, orange and grey tones. The circulation of these bright tiles throughout the different meeting and work areas eliminated the hierarchy between public and private spaces within the office. Also, the flooring had the added function of communicating Svensk Filmindustri’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Pollutant-free, recyclable and easily cleaned with eco-friendly products, the flooring’s texture and colours worked well with Svensk Filmindustri’s existing furniture, thus eliminating the wasteful need for entirely new interior furnishings.

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