Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo


Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo

The main theme of the design in Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo in Vantaa, Finland, was named  ‘what kind of feeling, such an experience’. The new premises of the largest hotel in Finland talked to a wide range of users – families and couples, groups of friends and business travellers to find out what guests were looking for. At the heart of the concept were three different themes, Flow, Joy and Harmony. Flow stands for contrast, Joy for hilarious fun and Harmony represents softness and tranquility. To follow those ideas, the architects at Rune Berg & Design had three different kinds flooring of Bolon's customisable flooring collection Bolon by You installed. The three chosen themes of Bolon by You – Poppy, Stitch and Lace gives the space a textured, patterned feel while contributing with the best durability and quality. 

Photographer Martin Sommerschield / Kuvio.
Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo
Vantaa, Finnland
4000 m2
Rune & Berg Design

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