Silence - New collection

The Contradiction of Silence

The Contradiction of Silence

Inspired by the calm, tranquil beauty of the forests, lakes and wide skies of their Swedish homeland, Bolon is proud to launch our new collection, ‘Silence’. Already known for our work with designers and architects such as Missoni, Paul Smith and Jean Nouvel, this launch features a creative collaboration of a different, yet equally exciting kind – with acclaimed choreographer Alexander Ekman. Famous for his modern interpretations of classic dance, his previous work includes projects with the Boston Ballet Company, Sydney Ballet Company. Alexander is currently working at Den Norske Opera & Ballett, on his version of A Swan Lake.  This is his first full-length narrative ballet. The result of the collaboration between Bolon and Alexander is the groundbreaking short film ‘The Contradiction Of Silence’. A playful piece of art, filled with energy, joy and beauty, it sits at the conceptual centre of the new collection’s launch.

Alexander Ekman - ideal collaborator

The first time we met Alexander, we were amazed and energised by his personality. We knew straight away we were looking at a new friend of the Bolon creative family.Alexander is a pioneer – his choreography defies conventionality and refuses to be labelled – all these values made him a perfect partner for Bolon and an ideal collaborator for the launch of ‘Silence’.

Marie Eklund, Creative Director

Pushing Limits

Having seen the creative heights Alexander has previously reached, we quite simply set him free.In other words, we pushed the limits – because any other way just wouldn’t be Bolon. Together with Alexander, we invited some of Sweden’s most talented set builders, costume designers, photographers, film makers and design students to join us - and over an inspiring, uplifting and amazing three days at Spring Studios in Stockholm, we let him weave his magic.

Annica Eklund, CEO

Silence - The New Collection from Bolon

Inspired by the tranquil beauty and deep forests of our Swedish homeland, Silence by Bolon is a true sensory treat.Featuring historical textiles and by classic, traditional wooden parquet inspired patterns, a unique weaving technique gives head-turning depth and structure and creates stunning 3D effects and playful light reflections. To the touch, Silence is soft and tactile with a warm, sober Tweed feeling – a nice contradiction, considering it is highly durable, fire resistant and covered by some of the world's most stringent environmental certifications.

Subtle, light and warm yet colourful

For our new collection, we were inspired by the nature that surrounds us here in Sweden, historical textiles and by classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns.In a stunning way ‘Silence’ also showcases our flooring’s unique ability to create 3D effects and reflect light – this last characteristic means that the flooring can have a totally different appearance, depending on the direction from which light is falling. The result is a versatile collection that is subtle, light and warm, but still rich in colour with a silk-like appearance.

Marie Eklund, Creative Director

Ten colours in different shapes

We believe that the timeless aesthetic and pragmatic features of our ‘Silence’ collection make it a stand out choice.The ’Silence’ collection can be supplied in sheets, tiles and planks. In sheets, four colours in pattern are available – these are called Pulse, Rhythm, Motion and Vibration. In tiles and planks, six colours are available – Gracious, Visual, Sense, Balance, Illuminate and Ocular. For architects and designers, it offers almost unlimited potential when creating exciting interiors for offices, hotels, retail premises and many other environments.

Marie Eklund, Creative Director

Phthalate free

‘Silence’ is 100% free of the softening agent phthalate – a feature that shows the company’s continuing commitment to environmental innovation and one that will be applied to every Bolon collection from 2014 onwards.

‘Silence’ is available as a combination of sheets, tiles and, as a new article, planks as standard. The whole collection holds the same high ratings for wear and tear and fire-resistance and comes with the same long guarantees as every other Bolon collection.

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