Launching the collection Flow

Inspired by the timeless mystery of our oceans, Flow highlights design fluidity, visual motion and soft pastel shades.

This is partly achieved by the use of a transparent warp that allows the weave’s subtle colours to shine through, creating an overall impression reminiscent of a tranquil, watercolour vista.

Experience Flow at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.
Stand A 10:21.

Order a flow kit

Flow Kit

The Flow kit contains two samples of Flow, the new edition of Projects We Love and a small folder. Flow Kits will be sent out in the beginning of February.

By ordering a Flow Kit you will notice how our current website gets pushed down in favour for something new.

Book A Meeting

Book Meeting

In need of more information on Bolon? Meet with us during the Stockholm Furniiture Fair.

Your request will be sent to one of our salespeople who’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that you could always meet us at our stand A10:21 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

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Ocular | Silence Collection

Inspired by the tranquil beauty and deep forests of our Swedish homeland, Silence by Bolon is a sober, elegant flooring collection and a true sensory treat. Influenced by historical textiles and classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns, a unique weaving technique gives head-turning depth and structure and creates stunning 3D effects and playful light reflections. To the touch, Silence is soft and tactile with a warm, Tweed feeling and available as a combination of rolls, tiles and, as a new article, planks as standard.

  • Inspired by the tranquil beauty of our Swedish homeland
  • Design influenced by historical textiles and classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns
  • Unique weaving technology creates 3D effects, depth and structure
  • Light reflecting characteristics
  • Soft to touch yet highly durable
  • Available, as an option, with Impact Sound Insulation (ISI) backing 17dB*
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rolls – 4 articles
  • Tiles – 6 articles
  • Planks – 6 articles**
  • 100% phthalate free
  • Full environmental certification
  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden

*Only available in 50×50 tiles.
**We recommend permanent adhesives for Silence Planks. Click here for more instructions.


Tiles103 708 Tiles Planks portrait103 756 Planks Planks landscape103 762 Planks Download planks instructions Pattern sample 1:1 Download high resolution images

Design: Marie Eklund Warranty: 15 High traffic: 33