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Projects we love

Notre magazine Projects We Love présente nos projets de design favoris. Il est illustré de magnifiques photos, et vous y trouverez également des interviews et des articles sur les activités de notre entreprise.

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Projects we love

When Flooring Comes To Life

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Projects We Love 2015

We collected some of our most beloved projects and presented them in a magazine named Projects We Love. The magazine features interesting interviews, beautiful projects and compelling facts about the company.

Jean Nouvel
The Eklund family
Bolon flooring in the office of Cisco Meraki in San Francisco, USA

The Eklund family
Family First

06. Trois générations Bolon: rencontre avec la famille Eklund

Ulricehamn is quiet, quaint and home to just over 9,000 people, set in a part of western Sweden that is strained by industry closures and talent migration. But this town is bucking the trend – here is based a company that not only received the 2014 Big Export Award from the King of Sweden but keeps expanding without outgrowing its hometown.

“I’ve had my eyes on this place since I was a little girl,” says Annica Eklund, CEO and part owner of Bolon as we drive up to Villa Björkudden. The beautiful white house a ten-minute drive from Ulricehamn stands among the autumn leaves and reeds along the waterfront. With its modern interiors and proximity to the beautiful landscape, it is a perfect spot to entertain international guests. “A client from New York said that he felt as relaxed after two days here as he does after two weeks of vacation,” Annica says as she shows me the rest of the house.

“Granddad!” Annica’s 20-year-old daughter Linn runs down the stairs to greet Lars Eklund, who’s just walked through the front door. Lars was the second generation Eklund to run Bolon, the company having been started in 1949 by his father Nils-Erik manufacturing rag rugs from leftover nylon and cotton strips.

This is an outtake from Projects We Love 2015. Read the full article by downloading the magazine below.

Bolon flooring in the office of Cisco Meraki in San Francisco, USA
When wireless expert CISCO MERAKI moved into a new HQ, the main focus was to create a space for dreams and collaborations.
Jean Nouvel
Master mind

14. Jean Nouvel

He may dress mainly in black, but few architects are as colourful as Jean Nouvel. He is a magus of materials and a magician of buildings, creating architecture that interacts with how we live and view the world.

The smart, black jacket worn by Jean Nouvel serves as the perfect backdrop for his sharp features and gesturing hands. His mannerisms are as Parisian as his look, and as he rests his cheek in his hand, he underlines his intellectual thought process.

Questioned whether architecture is art, he answers that it is the mother of art, as it contains aspects of all arts within it.

“Architecture is about moving beyond the purely functional and economical, it’s about seduction. I see architecture as a defence of the magic we’re all about to lose in the hunt for time, when all experiences are supposed to come to you within a few seconds. In architecture it’s about nding both a density and a delicacy, to completely control the materials and get close to a kind of aesthetic of miracles.”

This is an outtake from Projects We Love 2015. Read the full article by downloading the magazine below.


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