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We collected some of our most beloved projects and presented them in a magazine named Projects We Love. The magazine features interesting interviews, beautiful projects and compelling facts about the company.

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Flow is our first collection to use a new tile shape we’ve called Scale. Soft and rounded, the organic design has a form reflecting the natural, glistening beauty of fish skin. Furthermore, the bottom layer of the collection’s backing is made of recycled material from our own onsite recycling plant – a process that results in the end product compromising up to 33% recycled material. 



Inspired by the tranquil beauty and deep forests of our Swedish homeland, Silence by Bolon is a sober, elegant flooring collection and a true sensory treat. Influenced by historical textiles and classic, traditional wooden parquet patterns, a unique weaving technique gives head-turning depth and structure and creates stunning 3D effects and playful light reflections.



Inspired by the craftsmanship of the past yet harnessing the opportunities offered by modern technology, Artisan is designed for larger areas and is an ideal solution for offices, hotels and other interiors. Featuring a colour palette from the era of hand craftsmanship, Artisan has a profiled yarn, a thread with a textured surface that can be used for jacquard weave, and its characteristics contribute to any design environment as well as having a warm, textile-like feeling. Artisan is available in rolls, tiles and Bolon Studio.

Bolon by Missoni

We are proud to present the latest expressions of our ongoing collaboration with iconic Italian fashion house Missoni. Taking design cues from Missoni’s classic patterns – including the signature Zigzag – and highlighting warm, passionate colours, the updated collection exudes joy and confidence.  The collection also offers practical benefits including easy cleaning and maintenance, a long guarantee and full environmental certification.  Bolon by Missoni is available in rolls and tiles.


Graphic is our designer flooring solution created for high-traffic environments such as offices or retail outlets where an exciting, contemporary look must be harmonised with classic, sober ambience. Featuring an elliptical yarn, Graphic’s flatter, more even weave makes it our tightest and smoothest collection – a characteristic that makes it an outstanding choice in areas with high foot traffic. Inspired by modern architecture and challenging glass and steel structures, Graphic is available as rolls and tiles. 



Drawing inspiration from the world of sisal and coir mats, BKB’s large colour range optimises design versatility. This broad colour palette combines with a classically stylish pattern and a soft, textile feel and structure making it an outstanding flooring solution for offices, hotels, and many other environments. The collection is weaved with folded yarn with a mid-class wearing rating (durability class 32). BKB was our first collection and these qualities have ensured it enjoys enduring popularity. All twelve articles in the BKB collection are available as rolls and eleven as tiles. BKB is also included in Bolon Studio.


A true world’s first in designer flooring, Create features a profiled yarn, a thread with a textured surface that can be used for jacquard weave. This method lets the floor create three-dimensional effects and light reflecting patterns that bring any interior environment to life. Furthermore, Create has a soft, textile-like feeling and high durability making it ideal for areas of high foot traffic. Create is available as rolls and tiles.


Botanic reflects the amazing diversity and detail of our planets organic architecture. Nature photography and handicraft have inspired reflections of flowers, herbs and plants in woven vinyl and the collection’s colour range, also taken from the vegetable kingdom, features muted, rich earth tones combined with bright accents in yellow and green. Weaved with folded yarn with a mid-class wearing rating (durability class 32) and has a two-coloured weft thread that creates a playful, unique pattern with soft, tactile, textile-like characteristics. Selected items from the Botanic collection can be supplied as all shapes included in Bolon Studio, offering an exciting and dynamic interior design choice. Botanic is available as rolls and tiles.


In the north of our home country, Sweden, the culture, natural light and beauty are quite unique. Ethnic harnesses this feeling, creating striking patterns reminiscent of earth, stone and rock with a futuristic metallic shimmer that suggests cold Nordic light. These sophisticated qualities together with its classic, soft, textile touch and feel allow Ethnic to harmonise perfectly with retail and hotel environments. The collection is weaved with folded yarn with a mid-class wearing rating (durability class 32). Ethnic is available as rolls and tiles.


Luxury, opulence and drama. Although we like to describe our Now collection as basic, its characteristics deliver exciting interiors and an expressive yet uniform whole. Streaks of metallic shimmer in the weave, giving a lavish, exclusive feeling and creating visually powerful environments with a strong sense of design unity. The collection is weaved with folded yarn with a mid-class wearing rating (durability class 32) and is soft to the touch with a textile feel and structure. Now is available in rolls and Bolon Studio.