Care+ in your own words


Care+ in your own words

In her role as a coordinator for Facility Clean at Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, Camilla Jönsson is responsible for a team of 26 staff and over 3 000 m² of Bolon flooring. We asked her to share her hands-on experience of working with Bolon.

In average, over 13 000 passengers pass through the airport every day – that must make cleaning quite a task?

Oh yes. Our team works 24 hours a day to make sure the airports public areas are in top condition. Bolon flooring can be found in both the domestic and international departure lounges, very often where food and drink are consumed, so these are obviously areas we focus on.

What are the daily cleaning routines for Bolon flooring here?

Several times a day, we vacuum clean, mop and if required, remove stains. Scrubbing takes place at night when the airport is very quiet. Taking care of these tasks requires a vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket and stain removal spray or in the case of chewing gum, a freeze spray.

Sounds simple?

It took us a while to ‘get to know’ the flooring, but after this, keeping it clean and fresh has been quite simple. Also, our routines are the same for both types of Bolon flooring we have here, even though one is more structured than the other. This convenience is great for cleaning efficiency.

 This convenience is great for cleaning efficiency.

How about machine cleaning – how often does this take place?

Because of the high volume of people passing through and the fact that many people eat and drink here, we machine clean fairly regularly. Two to three times a week we use a single-brush hand-driven cleaning machine followed by a wet vacuum cleaner. It’s quite a simple process really.

Talking about simplicity – how does Bolon flooring rate when compared to say wooden parquet flooring?

Wooden flooring requires several different stages in its maintenance process – vacuum cleaning, mopping, polishing etc. Bolon flooring also has its routines but I would say that keeping it clean is generally less time-consuming – something my team here really appreciate.

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