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We collected some of our most beloved projects and presented them in a magazine named Projects We Love. The magazine features interesting interviews, beautiful projects and compelling facts about the company.

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World Premiere for Bolon Architect Friends: Bolon in partnership with Jean Nouvel

The Swedish design company, Bolon, has entered into a partnership with the world-famous French architect Jean Nouvel.The first collaborative project will be presented during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February, where Jean Nouvel will reveal a spectacular interpretation of Bolon’s 2012 new collection Create – an exciting concept in the form of an exhibition stand that challenges gravity as well as the traditional ideas of flooring. During the Fair Bolon will also be launching its Inspiration Tool, a web-based tool that can be used to create interior design settings with Create as the backdrop.The first environment in the tool is naturally signature Monsieur Nouvel, likewise the model for the stand concept.

We are a cutting edge company and we are always looking for partners that think outside the box and dare to challenge.Jean Nouvel is a creative force, he pushes the envelopes of both design and architecture and sees great potential in our flooring.When we first met, Jean Nouvel was overwhelmed by the patterns, the multiple dimensions that can be accommodated in vivid flooring like Create.Immediately, the idea of blurring the edges between floor, ceiling and walls was born.It is a point of view that fits Bolon like a glove, nothing is impossible. - Annica Eklund, Managing Director for Bolon.


Bolon has long enjoyed close partnerships with a number of well-known designers within a concept it calls "Designer Friends".During 2012, Architect Friends will be initiated for the first time with the collaboration with Jean Nouvel.For the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Jean Nouvel has created a spectacular concept by interpreting Create, Bolon's new collection for 2012 and using the new web tool Bolon Inspiration Web Tool.The result is a solution that broadens horizons.

Imagine the world of a fly where floor expands in every direction, with no up or down…This is Bolon universe, exclusively a universe of floors: no ceiling, no walls… just floors - a palace for flies…This is the Bolon space where I stand, as in my fantastic dreams without gravity - Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel and his team will be on site in Stockholm throughout the trade fair.After Stockholm there is Milan and the Salone Del Mobile. 

“The Bolon Inspiration Web Tool is a fun and enjoyable web tool which will ignite creativity in everyday life as an interior designer or architect.In our eyes, floors are a palette of innovative opportunities rather than merely a passive surface beneath our feet. Floors can exude rock 'n' roll, fashion, passion and elegance.Everyone can use the Bolon Inspiration Tool to build their own magical Bolon world – for pleasure, in search of new ideas or to inspire others,” says Marie Eklund , creative director at Bolon.