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Graphical Feel, Architectural Form: Bolon Launches New Studio Tile Wing

During 2013 Bolon launches Wing – a flooring tile that allows architects and designers to combine several of the company’s collections and elevate them to a new level. Wing, which is part of Bolon Studio, facilitates new dimensions for large and small interior design environments. The strong architectural form interacts elegantly with interior design elements and building details. The results are striking – the new format reenergises each collection with all new characteristics – especially in combination with one another.

“Bolon Studio was created to offer architects and designers greater creative freedom with a few selected collections. Initially it was an experiment but today it is an increasingly popular solution and almost like a collection itself. The new tile Wing includes most of our flooring in the selection. Wing’s strength is the ability to mix and match freely, especially when combining smaller patterned collections with some of our more sensational floors,” says Annica Eklund, CEO of Bolon.

Throughout 2013, Bolon is celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the third generation owners, Marie and Annica Eklund, taking over Bolon and transforming the company from a traditional weaving mill into a global design brand. Rather than launching a brand new collection, the majority of the existing designs are being highlighted in a significant new way.

“Wing is a fantastic tile that both highlights our collections and gives architects and designers a new palate of creative interior design possibilities. Wing invites to playfulness and inspiration, and by combining different hues, nuances, patterns and collections, it’s possible to create a whole new spectrum of expressions that truly take advantage of Bolon’s light reflective characteristics,” concludes Marie Eklund, CCO of Bolon.

To demonstrate some of the possibilities Wing offers for different public environments, Bolon has worked with Swedish and internationally recognised stylist Lotta Agaton on a series of expressive installations that use the new form in an array of different tones and interpretations.

Bolon is a Swedish cutting-edge design company managed by sisters Annica and Marie Eklund, the third generation of the family to own the company. They have developed the company from a traditional weaving mill into an international design brand, with a focus on innovative flooring and creative interiors. Bolon’s list of clientèle includes Armani, Google, Mercedes, Adidas, Reebok and Sheraton, as well as leading architects and designers such as Jean Nouvel and Cappellini.