Bolon and AltewaiSaome united in creativity

In the latest expression of their commitment to collaborate with exciting, new creative talents, world-renowned design company Bolon has joined forces with Swedish fashion house and recent winners of Elle Designer Of The Year Award 2014, AltewaiSaome. Already known for their work with acclaimed designers including Rosita Missoni, Paul Smith and Jean Nouvel, this time Bolon has created unique flooring based on a design by AltewaiSaome. This flooring was used to decorate the catwalk at the AltewaiSaome show during Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2014. As well as designing this unique flooring, AltewaiSaome also created four showpiece garments using the Bolon flooring material.

The latest AltewaiSaome collection is inspired by the art of the late American sculptor Alexander Calder. Randa Saome from AltewaiSaome describes the collection’s creative birth and development –

We were quite simply fascinated by the mobiles, movement and shapes of Calder’s work. In our collection, this expresses itself most strongly in the cuts and colours but also in detailing such as embroidery. For the Bolon flooring, we created a pattern with both edgy and soft lines that is an ensemble of our mobile’s characteristics.”

And how does Randa see the collaboration with Bolon?

“It’s been extremely inspiring to see and to discover that you can do so much with woven vinyl flooring! We felt an instant connection during our first meeting with Bolon and knew straight away that we were on the exact same page and shared the same vision.”

The cooperative venture with AltewaiSaome further underlines Bolon’s desire to work with young, creatives. Marie Eklund, Chief Creative Officer at Bolon explains why working with these talents is of such importance to the company –

 “This type of collaboration will be at the forefront of many of our activities in 2014 and beyond. We love to work this way because we see young minds as untainted, without barriers. They surprise us and it’s the collisions and nuances that these surprises create that push Bolon forward, creatively. Taken from this perspective, these collaborations make perfect sense.”

Annica Eklund, Chief Executive Officer at Bolon continues –

 “In the case of AltewaiSaome, we feel a particular affinity to their work as it is architectonic in style and represents high quality with exciting details.”

 A limited edition of cut pieces of flooring from the catwalk will be sold exclusively in selected boutiques later in 2014. The Bolon / AltewaiSaome collaboration was presented at Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2014 on Wednesday 29th January.


Bolon is a cutting-edge Swedish design company managed by sisters Annica and Marie Eklund, the third generation of the family to own the business. Under their leadership, Bolon has been transformed from a traditional weaving mill into an international design brand, with a focus on innovative flooring and creative interiors. Bolon’s list of clientèle includes Armani, Google, Mercedes, Adidas, Reebok and Sheraton, as well as leading architects and