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Projects we love

We collected some of our most beloved projects and presented them in a magazine named Projects We Love. The magazine features interesting interviews, beautiful projects and compelling facts about the company.

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Thinking Beautifully

Finding meaning is a recurring theme within Doshi Levien’s work. Recognized by industry leaders, Doshi Levien is an internationally acclaimed design studio founded by designers Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Nipa’s approach is rooted in her plural upbringing and astute eye for visual culture. Jonathan’s approach is rooted in industrial precision, combined with the sensuality of a makers hand and deep understanding of materials. Working across various disciplines and industries, the London-based pair create furniture, furnishings, installations and accessories for design brands.

What is important is that people appreciate this material. These floors are essentially textiles; they’re jacquard floors.

In 2015, a creative partnership was established with the design duo for an architecture-infused campaign, ‘Material Interventions’. The visual treatment tied into the release of Bolon By You. Taking inspiration from fashion, art and culture, the collection was launched at the 2016 Stockholm Furniture Fair where Doshi Levien lent their expertise and designed Bolon’s stand to showcase the new collection. Displaying their keen eye for an impactful presentation, the stand was created as an open gallery and the collection was installed alongside various architectural materials.


A Family Affair

What happens when award-winning Swedish design meets legendary Italian fashion? The answer was revealed during the spring of 2012 when the result of a new, cross-border venture between two internationally renowned and highly regarded family businesses was unveiled. Bolon joined with the Italian fashion house Missoni to create the “Bolon by Missoni” collection. This richly coloured, versatile, and powerful collection of exclusive woven floors gives new and exciting expression to Missoni’s beloved and characteristic attributes.

The flooring collection, Bolon by Missoni, is based on Missoni’s classic patterns and generous range of colours, which Bolon has reproduced thanks to the latest weaving technology in a very impressive way. In late 2013 the collection burst into new leaves with the addition of four new autumnal colours. This high confident, playful, and visually striking collection is available in three designs –Optical, Bayadere and Flame – with each design offered in a variety of colours. In 2015, the collaboration between world-renowned Swedish design company Bolon and iconic Italian fashion house Missoni continues – and for the first time, it includes an interpretation of Missoni’s classic Zigzag pattern.

Jean Nouvel


The first collaborative project between Bolon and Jean Nouvel was presented during the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2012, where Jean Nouvel will revealed a spectacular interpretation of Bolons 2012 collection Create – an exciting concept in the form of an exhibition stand that challenges gravity as well as the traditional ideas of flooring.

Challenging gravity

In the world of architecture, the name Jean Nouvel commands instant respect. His major breakthrough came in 1987 when his design for the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris received critical and commercial acclaim. A self-confessed admirer of Bolon flooring for many years, our initial collaboration for the Stockholm Furniture Fair involved a spectacular, gravity defying interpretation of our Create collection. Like Bolon, Monsieur Nouvel strives to challenge conventionality, a task he believes is made more achievable through harnessing the unique characteristics our flooring can offer.


Contemporary Twists

For us at Bolon, there is nothing more rewarding than pushing the boundaries of both design and sustainability – and if this can be done together with an acclaimed collaborator, all the better. For the 2015 Stockholm Furniture Fair, it was our pleasure to work on just such a project with renowned designer, academic and creative director Ilse Crawford, the fair’s Guest of Honour.

Cutting edge design and sustainability in harmony – it’s what we do best

Using spill material collected from our factory, Bolon and StudioIlse collaborated and experimented to create one-off expressions of Bolon, exclusively for the Stockholm event. Warp materials from collections no longer in use were reused. Stripes and structures inspired by the early days of Bolon but with a contemporary twist were created. The beautiful results – an inspiring design and four art carpets – were used to decorate the Guest of Honour stand at the fair.

- ideal collaborator

The launch of the collection Silence featured a creative collaboration of a different, yet exciting kind – with acclaimed choreographer Alexander Ekman. The result is a groundbreaking short film named “The Contradiction of Silence”. A playful piece of art, filled with energy, joy and beauty, it sits at the conceptual centre of the launch of Silence.

Into new territory

Alexander Ekman was born in Stockholm in 1984 and educated at the city’s Opera Ballet Academy between 1994 and 2001. He is famous for his modern interpretations of classic dance, his previous work includes projects with the Boston Ballet Company, Sydney Ballet Company, The Juiliard School, the Royal Swedish Ballet and as well as being the associate choreograph for Nederlands Danse Theatre. Since 2006 he has devoted his time to creating pieces that entertain, challenge and surprise the observer. In the spring of 2014, Alexander presented his own production of ’Swan Lake’ at the Oslo Opera House. It was his first full-length narrative ballet and together with top designer Henrik Vibskov and with new music by composer Mikael Karlsson, ’Swan Lake’ was presented with a full company on stage, a complete orchestra in the pit and a real lake on the Main House stage.



Giulio Cappellini is a legend in the design world, an influential furniture producer and currently also an appreciated member of Bolon’s Friends.

I chose Bolon for several showroom and public area projects because I think the material is beautiful, durable and contemporary

The first Cappellini-Bolon cooperation came about in 2008 when Giulio was asked to furnish the entrance hall of the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Since then Giulio Cappellini has used Bolon flooring in several projects, among others in the Malpensa and Linate airport VIP Lounges in Milan, Italy. Giulio Cappellini uses Bolon flooring in all his new showrooms worldwide. Not one showroom is like the other, since he always wants to adapt the concept to the special atmosphere of the city and the place itself. The Cappellini showroom in Paris is dominated by Bolon’s flooring NOW Pink, which also underlies the colour of the walls and ceiling.



Bolon joined forces with Swedish fashion house and winners of Elle Designer Of The Year Award 2014, AltewaiSaome to create an exclusive flooring based on their designs. This flooring was used to decorate the catwalk at the AltewaiSaome show during Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week Autumn / Winter 2014. As well as designing this unique flooring, AltewaiSaome also created four showpiece garments using the Bolon flooring material.

We felt an instant connection during our first meeting with Bolon and knew straight away that we were on the exact same page and shared the same vision

In the case of AltewaiSaome, we feel a particular affinity to their work as it is architectonic in style and represents high quality with exciting details. A limited edition of cut pieces of flooring from the catwalk was sold exclusively in selected boutiques during 2014.


Sir Paul

Anticipating trends is one thing, creating the spark that lights them is quite another. That the name Sir Paul Smith has become recognised way beyond the borders of fashion and design is testimony to his ability to do just this. Many associate Sir Paul Smith with clothes design, but he has also designed furniture and upholstery textiles, for, among others, Cappellini.

Pushing boundaries

In 2010, he pushed his creative boundaries even further and entered into a collaborative venture with Bolon. At that year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, an event at which he was the guest of honour, Paul used our woven vinyl flooring cut into four classic parquet patterns to add a unique designer flooring element to the guest of honour stand. Citing Bolon’s beauty, versatility and ability to deliver classic with a twist, Sir Paul was so taken by our flooring that he pledged to incorporate it into his future projects wherever he felt it appropriate. Great news and a product endorsement of the highest quality.

Tom Dixon


Tom declares his love for innovative flooring solutions as a desire to ‘get it right’ from the floor up and sees this as the departure point and base for a more innovative, visually stimulating interior environment. And who are we to disagree?

We were looking at a super hard-wearing but comfortable finish that was in a metallic – really hard to find. Bolon was the answer.

A few years ago and in his role as Creative Director of the 100% Design Show, Tom Dixon sought exciting, new products for the show’s VIP room. It was there Tom discovered Bolon flooring and since then several other of his projects, including the office areas and staircase of his White Building – newly renovated in connection to the launch of his first London shop at the Dock in September 2010 – have featured Bolon flooring. In this case from our popular Botanic, Graphic and Now collections.

The Campana Brothers

Creative Chaos

It started with an image. A confusing image – at least it was confusing to the Campana brothers, Fernando and Humberto. An advertisement for Bolon’s Botanic collection in the form of an eye-catching yet mysterious giant plant caught their eye and awoke their curiosity – and from this beginning, one of our most interesting and rewarding collaborations was born.

Perhaps for the first time, creative Brazilian chaos met West Swedish innovative enterprise and at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2011, the first fruits of this collaboration were revealed to an admiring public. 7000 pieces mounted as a mosaic was a true manifestation of Campana brother’s spirit as well as a uniquely new take on Bolon’s Artisan flooring collection. Another example of the endless creative possibilities to be found in the intricate weave of Bolon flooring? We like to think so – and we love to think that there are so many more as yet undiscovered.

 Jaime Hayón

- Liberator

Jaime Hayón is no friend of the established. He goes his own way, dislikes the mediocre and sees himself as a form “liberator”. Bolon is proud to present Jaime as one of our closest Bolon Friends. The first time Bolon and Jaime Hayón crossed paths, was howeverwhen he was invited to be the Guest of Honour at Interieur08 in Kortrijk, Belgium, he chose Bolon’s NOW collection.

During the Milan Design Week 2010, Hayón chose Bolon’s Botanic flooring for the installation he designed for INTERNI THINK TANK, at the Universitá degli Studi di Milano. The project was a joint exhibition by Jaime Hayón and Italian energy company Enel, called ”Smart Grid Gallery”: An imaginary world connected the various forms of renewable energy. In the development of the details of each single work, with great creativity and a very high level of productive quality, Jaime Hayon wanted to make the most complex technology more human and comprehensible. A beautiful exhibition, with a message worth considering.